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Affiliate Practice Legal Disclosure...

Thank you for visiting! This site is made possible by your support. Wherever possible, affiliate links for products mentioned or reviewed as well  as advertisement blocks are used throughout the site. Each time you click through one of those links or advertisements and make a purchase, our site receives a small percentage of the sale. While you get the same great product for the exact same price, you also help us keep this site and its resources available for free to all of our readers. It's a total win for all of us! Thank you, and may you be blessed :)

Post Moderation Policy...

Each book discussion is moderated. This means the webmaster for this site reserves the right to remove any comments deemed inappropriate. While lively discussion is encouraged, let’s keep things positive! During the our quarterly parties, there will be live book discussions where all posts will appear in real time, allowing immediate interactive discussion among readers. These discussions will be edited after each event should it prove necessary.

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